Valor Fitness KIT-1, Home Gym Bundle

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The Ultimate Home Gym Bundle for Conditioning.

The Valor Fitness KIT-1 Home Gym Bundle includes the AST-27 Aerobic Step Platform, the EA-10 Ankle/Wrist Weights, and the SR-2A Adjustable Speed Rope.

Home Gym Bundle Features:

  • STEP UP YOUR WORKOUT: The Valor Fitness step up platform will improve both your body and your mood. Doing step up aerobics boosts energy levels as well as targets your legs, upper body, and core. It will also improve your balance, coordination, and agility. Constructed with shock absorbing, non-stick, non-slip surface. Rubber stoppers on the bottom for full stability and to protect gym floors from scratching. Move with no hesitation as you apply max weight and force. Adjust height of the unit from 4” to 6”. Risers lock in the bottom of the unit on both sides and can be conveniently stored underneath when not in use.
  • ADJUSTABLE, EASY TO PUT ON ANKLE WEIGHTS: Adjustable ankle weights and wrist weights have polyester hook and loop straps which allow the weights to be easily applied and adjusted to the user’s preference. Made of soft elastic, neoprene shell, with an iron sand fill and nylon piping trip making it comfortable and easy to put on. Chrome steel buckle works with hook and loop straps to ensure the weights are securely fastened to either the ankles or wrists for an efficient workout.
  • COMPLETE GRIP SPEED ROPE: The Valor Fitness adjustable speed rope provides the high quality you need to keep up with you and your progress. Constructed with a 12ft non-kinking cable and stainless steel ball bearings, this rope will increase your coordination, calories burned, cardiovascular health, breathing, and ankle strength. Constructed of a soft, textured foam and sized to fit perfectly in your palm, the handles on this speed rope are just what you need to feel secure and comfortable when you jump rope. These anti-slip handles ensure the perfect grip during the most intense workouts.
  • ADDITIONAL: The Valor Fitness Stay at Home Fitness Kit is just what you need to “step up” your home fitness gym. Create endless amounts of exercises with these 3 small pieces of equipment and find yourself getting fitter in your own home. Perfect for all levels of fitness, beginners and advanced. Aerobic Stepper can hold up to 500 lb. Step Up, Ankle Weights and Jump Rope all have a 1-year warranty. Arrives in 2 separate boxes.


SKU Product Name Shipping Weight (lbs) Box Length (in) Box Width (in) Box Height (in)
KIT-1 Aerobic Step 6 28 12 5

Weights/Rope 1 11 6 2


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