Gym Accessories

From mobility and rehabilitation, to weightlifting support! Our gym accessories will finish off your home gym or give you that extra little bit you need to take your training to the next level and bust through to new personal best lifts!
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Cross TrainingCross Training Balls

SB, Slam Ball

Slam Balls for Strength and Cross Training The Valor Fitness Slam Ball is great for the a change of pace, smashing out reps or getting in some cardio.
bandsGym Accessories

PRB, Resistance Bands (XS-XXL)

Resistance Bands for At-Home Fitness The Valor Fitness PRB Resistance Bands are a great tool to add intensity to or assist you in a number of workouts such as pull...
Cross TrainingCross Training Balls

WB, Wall Ball (6-25lbs)

Full Body Strength Exercise Workout using a Wall Ball / Medicine Ball Trainer. Condition your Arms, Legs, Shoulders, Back during Strength Training using your Home Gym Equipment.
Collars/ClampsGym Accessories

MB-MC, Muscle Clamps

The Best Barbell Collars for Heavy Lifting The Valor Fitness MB-MC, Muscle Clamps are a must-have for every home or commercial gym. Easily remove your weights from the bar with...
bandsGym Accessories

RT, Resistance Band Collection (Multiple Weights, Bundles)

Heavy Resistance Bands with Handles Use our resistance bands for a significant PT workout or for an intense upper body workout. The variety of weight capacities provide endless possibilities. Features...
AccessoriesCable Attachments

MB-5, Triceps Pulldown Rope

Triceps Pushdown Rope Attachment You might not see the importance of pulling ropes, but once you try it you'll get the idea. Our Triceps Pulldown Rope attachment is perfect for...
AccessoriesCable Attachments

MB-38, 38" Lat Pulldown Bar

38" Wide-Grip Lat Pulldown Bar Attachment The Valor Fitness MB-38, 38” Wide Grip Solid Steel Lat Bar is perfect for all Lat Pull cable workouts. Its ¼” swivel opening attaches...
AccessoriesCable Attachments

MB-9, Ankle Strap Cable Machine Attachment

Padded Ankle Strap Attachment for Cable Machines The Valor Fitness MB-9, Ankle Cable Attachment is ideal for leg abduction, leg adduction, kickbacks, leg curls, knee raises, and much more. Constructed...
AccessoriesBattle Proven Equipment

MB-4, Triangle Cable Row Attachment

Triangle Grip Cable Machine Attachment The Valor Fitness MB-4 Triangle Cable Row Attachment is perfect for all Lat Pull cable workouts. ¼” opening attaches easily to cable clips. Contoured, rubber...
bandsGym Accessories

ED-18, 5-Band Resistance Band Set

Conditioning Band Set Resistance bands are a traditional tool used by physical therapists and trainers to help their patients and clients gain strength, improve mobility, rehabilitate an injury. Now you...
AccessoriesCable Attachments

MB-48, Lat Pulldown Bar

Wide Grip 48” Lat Pulldown Bar Cable Attachment The Valor Fitness MB-48, Lat Pulldown Bar is a must-have in any home gym. The 48” wide grip allows for a variety...
AccessoriesCable Attachments

MB-20, 20" Solid Steel Lat Bar Attachment

20” Solid Steel Lat Bar The Valor Fitness MB-20, 20” Solid Steel Lat Bar is designed to do Lat Pull cable workouts that are tough to replicate without a lat...