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From mobility and rehabilitation, to weightlifting support! Our gym accessories will finish off your home gym or give you that extra little bit you need to take your training to the next level and bust through to new personal best lifts!
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CH-1, Gym Chalk Bowl With Stand

Gym Chalk Bowl The Valor Fitness CH-1, Chalk Holder Station is a freestanding chalk bowl designed for home or commercial gyms. Constructed of heavy-duty steel and designed with 4 legs...
$108.73 $97.86
AccessoriesCable Attachments

MB-12, Triangle Row Cable Attachment

Triangle Row Cable Attachment for Weight Machine Valor Fitness MB-12, Triangle Row Cable Attachment is constructed of heavy-duty steel and ideal for your commercial or home studio cable machines. Rotating...
$61.73 $55.56
Collars/ClampsGym Accessories

MB-OC, Olympic Screw Collars

Olympic Weight Bar Screw Collars Our Olympic Screw Collars are a must have for weightlifting. Securely hold plates in place when exercising. Very important when performing deadlifts, cross-training or benech...
ConditioningGym Accessories

MG-1, Massage Gun

Percussion Muscle Massage Gun for Athletes Muscle recovery is essential to any form of exercise or weight training. Skip the expensive massage appointment and give this massage gun a try....
BalanceBattle Proven Equipment

RX-T2, Med Ball Rebound Trampoline

The Ultimate Workout Partner The Valor Fitness RX-T2 Medicine Ball Trampoline is the perfect addition to any home or light-commercial gym in which users don't have a partner to workout...
AgilityCross Training

PBX-B, Wood Plyometric Box (18” x 20” x 24”)

Wooden Plyo Box The PBX-B, Wooden Plyometric Jump Box is the perfect home or box gym must-have for any athlete looking to increase the difficulty of their plyometrics training. It's...
AccessoriesGym Accessories

PWB, Women's Weightlifting Belt (Multiple sizes, colors)

Women's Weightlifting Belt The Valor Fitness PWB Women's Weightlifting Belt feature a flexible and lightweight design, with the right amount of support to stabilize the core muscles and protect the...
$20.88 $18.79
AgilityCross Training

PBS-A, Soft Plyometric Box (20” x 24” x 30”)

Soft Plyo Box for Jumping Exercises The Valor Fitness PBS-A Soft Plyo box is a perfect addition to a home or light-commercial gym that was designed for user safety. Unlike...
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12 Strong Men's Performance T-Shirt

Valor Fitness, 12 Strong Men's Performance T-Shirt Duty. Honor. Country. Show your military pride. Dedicate your workout to the Horse Soldiers of the U.S. Army Special Forces secretly sent to...
BalanceCross Training

PR-LT, Gymnastic Parallette Bars

Parallette Bars for Gymnastic and Conditioning Exercises If you're looking for a new way to strengthen your core, enhance your balance, and improve overall performance in your training, then the...
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WW-15, Weightlifting Wrist Wraps

Wrist Wraps for Weightlifting Have you been trying to reach your next PR, but need that extra little bit of support? Or are you an athlete recovering from a wrist...
AgilityCross Training

PBX-ADJ, Adjustable Plyo Box

Adjustable Plyo Box for Jump Training and Conditioning Dramatically improve your speed, agility, power, and strength with the Valor Fitness PBX-ADJ Adjustable Plyobox. Beginners and professionals alike use height adjusting...