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Battle Proven EquipmentBumper Plates

BPI, KG Competition Bumper Plates

Durable Kilogram Bumper Plates that meet competition standards. Available from 5KG to 25KG.
Bench PressItems in Stock

BF-10, Bench Press

Competition Qualtity Bench with sturdy steel uprights measuring 3" x 2". Spotter Stand Included. Max Weight Load 770 lbs
Cable MachinesItems in Stock

CB-15, Lat Pull Down / Row Machine

Lat Pull Down Cable Machine, Adjustable Low Row Pulley Exercise Equipment with Attachments for Strength Training Home Gym Workout - Plate Loaded - Max Weight Load 770
$1,282.48 $1,154.23
Barbell StorageItems in Stock

BH-11, Multipurpose Storage Rack

Valor Fitness BH-11 Mulipurpose Wall Mounted Storage Rack for Barbells, Bands, Ropes, Belts, and More - Max Weight 145 lbs
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OB-80W-RNBW, Rainbow Titanium Needle Bearing Women's Barbell

Rainbow Women's Barbell The Valor Fitness OB-80W-RNBW Women’s Rainbow Titanium Needle Bearing Olympic Bar is fully coated in a vibrant rainbow finish. Despite its unique look, it specializes in durability and performance....
$281.18 $253.06
BarbellsItems in Stock

OB-86-RNBW, Men's Rainbow Titanium Needle Bearing Barbell

Men's Rainbow Needle Bearing Barbell Introducing the first official Valor Fitness color finished barbell. The Valor Fitness OB-86-RNBW Men’s Rainbow Titanium Needle Bearing Olympic Bar is fully coated in a vibrant multi-color finish....
$308.73 $277.86
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BE-11BCB, Counterbalanced Smith Machine

The Valor Fitness BE-11BCB, Counterbalanced Smith Machine is a great option for anyone looking to build their upper body strength. The machine itself offers a counterbalanced bar that is designed...
$1,239.98 $1,115.98
Cross TrainingItems in Stock

RC-25, Crumb Rubber Filling

Crumb Rubber Filling for Fitness Sandbags The Valor Fitness RC-25, Rubber Crumbs are just what you need to enhance your sandbags. They provide a much more efficient way to workout...
BarbellsItems in Stock

OB-86-700SB Men’s Chrome Olympic Bar

Ideal Barbell for Bench Press and Squats The Valor Fitness OB-86-700SB, Men’s Chrome Olympic Bar was built and designed with durability and performance in mind. Measuring 86.25” in total length...
$164.33 $147.90
BarbellsItems in Stock

OB-86-1000SB Men’s Olympic Barbell

Men's Chrome Olympic Barbell The Valor Fitness OB-86-1000SB, Men’s Chrome Olympic Bar is a great choice for beginners, or those looking to take a step up in the weight room....
$170.98 $153.88
AccessoriesCable Attachments

MB-10, Pulley Handle Attachment

Pulley Handles Cable Attachment The Valor Fitness MB-10, Pulley Handles are made to pull a lot of weight for a very long time. These handles have proven to last several...
$23.73 $21.36
Cross TrainingItems in Stock

SDB (100/200lb), Self-Fill Sandbags

Self Fill Sandbags for Cross-Training and Strength and Conditioning. The Valor Fitness SDB, Self-Fill Sandbags are perfect for any athlete aiming to develop explosive power while total body strength, stability,...