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Bench PressBench/Squat Stands

BD-18, Adjustable Squat/Bench/Dip Stand Towers

Trifecta of Fitness.  Independent or Fixed Adjustable Towers using 12 Gauge Steel supports the heaviest of loads complementing your Home Fitness Equipment during Squats, Bench Press and Dip Stations. If...
$379.03 $341.00
Battle Proven EquipmentBench Press

BD-17, Squat Stand Rack

Squat and Bench Press Rack for Home Gyms The Valor Fitness BD-17 Squat and Bench Press Rack is a completely adjustable squat stand that's perfect for any garage or home...
$223.23 $200.00
Battle Proven EquipmentItems in Stock

BD-11L, Lat Pull Attachment for BD-11 Rack

Lat Pull Attachment for BD-11 Rack The Valor Fitness BD-11L, Lat Pull Attachment transforms your BD-11 Power Rack into a complete home gym. Features and Benefits: HEAVY DUTY: Constructed of...
Battle Proven EquipmentItems in Stock

BD-11, Power Rack

Hard Power Rack The Valor Fitness BD-11 Hard Power Rack is a heavy-duty unit that is an essential addition for anybody building the ultimate home, garage, or light-commercial gym. With...
BalanceCore and Stretching

AST-27, Aerobic Step Platform

Aerobic Step Platform for Cardio, Core, and Strength Training The AST-27 Adjustable Aerobic Step Platform is a lightweight, adjustable stepping platform that is a perfect addition to any home gym....
Core and StretchingItems in Stock

ABS-7, Ab Slings

Ab Sling Straps for Hanging Ab Exercises The Valor Fitness ABS-7 Ab Slings are an essential fitness tool for targeting your abdominal/core muscles. Designed with comfort in mind and constructed...
Ab MatsCore and Stretching

Ab-Mat, Ab Mat With Detachable Pad

AbMat for Complete Ab Workouts Take your core workout to the next level with the Valor Fitness Ab-Mat with Detachable Pad. The Ab-Mat is an ideal ab exercise mat for...
Ab MatsCore and Stretching

ABM-12, Ab Mat

Ab Mat for Better Core Training The Valor Ab Mat is a must-have for all fitness enthusiasts and athletes. It offers a full-range motion abs workout, giving your core muscles...