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PRB, Resistance Bands (XS-XXL)

Resistance Bands for At-Home Fitness The Valor Fitness PRB Resistance Bands are a great tool to add intensity to or assist you in a number of workouts such as pull...
Gym AccessoriesItems in Stock

ED-18, 5-Band Resistance Band Set

Conditioning Band Set Resistance bands are a traditional tool used by physical therapists and trainers to help their patients and clients gain strength, improve mobility, rehabilitate an injury. Now you...
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MB-7, Resistance Band Handles

The Valor Fitness MB-7, Resistance Band Handles are a great tool to add variety to your resistance band workout. These lightweight yet strong Handles are constructed of 12-gauge steel and...
$36.08 $32.47
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Valor Fitness Gift Card: Online Use Only

Can only be used at  Giving a gift card is a great way to give a present that you cannot physically wrap, so give the gift of everything Valor Fitness has...
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PWB, Men's Weightlifting Belt (Multiple sizes, colors)

Men's Weightlifting Belt The Valor Fitness PWB, Men's Weightlifting Belt are flexible and lightweight, with the right amount of support to stabilize the core muscles and protect the back during...
$20.88 $18.79
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HB-3, Hip Bands

The Best Booty Bands, Resistance Bands For Your Glutes Get toned and mobile with the Valor Fitness HB-3 Hip Bands! Work your glutes, quads, hamstrings, and more with these easy-to-wear,...
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MB-ATTB, Cable Attachment Bundle

Cable Attachment Bundle for Weight Machine The Valor Fitness MB-ATTB Cable Attachment Bundle provides a great variety for performing exercises such as lat pulls, tricep pulls and chest pull exercises,...
$94.98 $85.48
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PWB, Women's Weightlifting Belt (Multiple sizes, colors)

Women's Weightlifting Belt The Valor Fitness PWB Women's Weightlifting Belt feature a flexible and lightweight design, with the right amount of support to stabilize the core muscles and protect the...
$20.88 $18.79
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GLV-1M, Men's Weightlifting Gloves (S-XL)

Men's Padded Gym Gloves for Weightlifting Our weightlifting gloves are ideal for providing support when performing pull ups and strength training. The elastic wristband with adjustable wrist strap provides added...
$21.83 $19.65
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ZB-BTL, 20oz Shaker Bottle

20 oz Shaker Bottle Mix your favorite supplements on the go with the BPA FREE Valor Fitness ZB-BTL Shaker Bottles! Stay hydrated and maintain proper nutrition, regardless of your experience,...
$8.95 $8.06
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GLV-2F, Women's Weightlifting Gloves (XS-XL)

Women's Padded Weightlifting Gloves When it comes to weightlifting, your grip is everything. That's why we designed these gloves with a reinforced palm and padded finger grips. You'll get the...
$21.83 $19.65
AgilityCross Training

TR-BLK-1, Adjustable Speed Rope

Adjustable Speed Rope The Valor Fitness TR-BLK-1 Adjustable Speed Rope is the perfect fitness accessory. Whether you're into cardio or strength training, the TR-BLK-1 Speed Rope will help you stay...