BF-60 More Info

The durable safety bars have a 5.5" range of adjustment, with a minimum height of 5.25" from the top of the pad and a maximum of 10.75". These safety bars are there for your safety by stopping the weight from dropping on your chest when you can't complete your rep, while also allowing you to mix up your training to perform pin presses and develop your strength in sticking points in the middle of the rep on your bench press. 4 steel band pegs also help you train this weakness by allowing you to train your bench with resistance bands, making this one of the most versatile and well-rounded competition bench press stations on the market.

Easily transition between sets and add more weight to the bar with the convenient storage pegs that can be placed on the rear uprights which sandwich the steel spotter platform. The spotter platform is positioned 10" from the floor, giving you enough personal space without the spotter standing right over you while giving them enough elevation to effectively and safely spot you or give you a lift off.

If you and your training partner(s) are looking for a high-quality bench to add to your training facility, whether it be a personal home gym, commercial studio, or powerlifting gym, the Valor Fitness BF-60 is sure to be one of the best pieces of strength equipment you'll ever own.