BH-10 More Info

The BH-10 is a vertical bar stand that can hold up to 9 different Olympic bars! Why so many? Because this space saving barbell holder does not limit you to just barbells - you can fit any Olympic style bar with a 2" sleeve, including an EZ curl bar, a multi-grip bar or swiss bar, a trap/hex bar, and many others! Keep in mind that depending on the size or shape of certain bars, some may take up more space than others and you may not be able to use all 9 bar slots.

Each 2" bar insert features a plastic liner to protect the finish on your bars from excessive wear and tear. Each of these inserts stores your bars vertically so you can easily and conveniently access each bar in a safe and confined 16.5" x 22" space.

If you train with numerous kinds of Olympic bars and specialty bars in your home gym, or if you own a fitness facility with multiple barbells, the Valor Fitness BH-10 Olympic Barbell Holder is the perfect fit for you!