Valor Fitness OB-MULTI, Multi-Grip Swiss Bar

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The Valor Fitness OB-MULTI Swiss Bar is an essential addition to any home or light-commercial gym to bust through plateaus and change up basic or routine programming. This heavy-duty bar, also commonly known as a Swiss Barbell or Football Barbell, it is constructed from 12-gauge steel with chrome plate sleeves that can accommodate Olympic and bumper plates with a 2” sleeve opening. It is the barbell of choice for football players, powerlifters, and strength athletes. Order online today.

OB-Multi Multi-Grip Swiss Bar Features & Benefits:

  • HEAVY DUTY MULTI GRIP BARBELL: The OB-MULTI Swiss Bar is constructed from 12-gauge steel for strength and durability during your bench press, curls, rows, and tricep workouts! Features chrome sleeves with grooves for minimal plate sliding during use.
  • MULTIPLE GRIP OPTIONS: This football bar has a unique design 6 ergonomically positioned grips, allowing 4 different positions to reduce shoulder/wrist strain for more neutral bench press, hammer curl/bicep curls, rows, skull crushers, and shoulder press!
  • KNURLED GRIPS: Knurled 5" grip handles with powder coated matte black finish create texture for a secure grip on this multi grip Olympic bar. Angled grip measures 6". If required, can hold weightlifting chalk well to further enhance grip.
  • OLYMPIC BAR SLEEVES: Chrome plated sleeves fit 2" Olympic weight plates. Each sleeve measures 10" to fit your plates. The Olympic sleeves are secured with a hex bolt under a cap that can be removed if you wish to use standard 1" weight plates.
  • ADDITIONAL: Purchase of the OB-MULTI Swiss Bar includes 2 Olympic spring clips. Measures 73" in total length, weighing 26 lb. Meant for home and light-commercial use. Max weight load of 300 lb.


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Swiss Bar
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Strong enough to hold up to 300 lb, the OB-MULTI has a unique design with 6 ergonomically positioned grip handles to reduce shoulder strain that may be caused from a more natural bench press. The 6 handles allow for 4 different positions, including a neutral close-grip, an angled grip that can be used either way, and a neutral wide-grip to target your muscles in a different way and develop more well-rounded muscles.

This unique bar is great for adding variation to standard bench presses, curls, rows, skull crushers, and shoulder presses. The 5” grip handles have a powder coated black matte finish that creates texture for a secure grip on the bar – the angled grip measures 6”.

Measuring 73” long and weighing 26 lb, the Valor Fitness OB-MULTI can help you recruit more muscles by alternating the angle and hand position in which you perform some of your favorite workouts.


Ask a Question
  • What is the distance between the sleeves? My rack arms have a distance of 46 inches (outside width).

     The space between the sleeves is 52”. 

  • What is the diameter of the grips? Also, what is the diameter of the bar prior to the 2in sleeve?

    The grips on the OB-MULTI are 30mm in diameter, while the bar between the main grips and the sleeve is 25mm in diameter.

  • Do the sleeves rotate like a regular straight bar?

    Thanks for your question! Although the sleeves do not rotate, we have had several customers mention how sturdy the OB-Multi is.

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