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Sled training has multiple uses and benefits, such as conditioning, muscle building, explosiveness, and even sport-specific training. The Valor Fitness ES-SS Snowshoe Sled is a small but mighty sled that will increase heart rate and work your entire body. Whether you are pulling or dragging, the ES-SS will improve strength and athleticism of athletes of all level. With the Nylon straps and harness, users can pull or drag the 4mm thick steel sled on grass or turf surfaces for an intense cardio or strength training workout (to prevent scratching and damage, avoid using ES-SS on gravel).

Arriving assembled, the Snowshoe Sled features a 15” loadable weight peg that folds flat for storage – to use, simply lift the peg and slide 2” weight plates on. Measuring 28” x 9” x 16” and weighing only 16 lb, the Valor Fitness ES-SS is an ideal way to increase workout intensity in any cross training studio, box gym, sports performance facility, or for any individual athlete working on strength, conditioning, and explosive power.