LC-40 More Info

The Valor Fitness LC-40 Steel Weightlifting Chains are an ideal addition to any light-commercial, box gym, or sports performance facility geared towards powerlifting or strength training. Weightlifting with chains has become increasingly popular, as the chains prolong the time under tension of an exercise and simply increase the intensity of workouts. The chains increase concentric resistance of dynamic lifts such as squats, bench press, and deadlifts when they are lifted from the floor and decrease the resistance when lowered. The LC-40 includes a pair of 66” long solid steel chains. Each durable chain link measures 3.75” x 2.25” and will withstand constant use and contact with gym flooring when lowered. The 2.5” collar, constructed of chrome plated 12-gauge solid steel, is designed to securely grip the bar and hold weights and chains in place to prevent any shifting during use. The solid steel pin runs through the bottom of the collar and can be easily removed to attach the chains for increased intensity or removed altogether to use as an individual collar. To tighten the collar, simply twist the pin in the center. Each chain weighs 20 lb (collar included) for a combined weight of 40 lb. Add the Valor Fitness LC-40 Steel Weightlifting Chains to your gym to take workouts to the next level!