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The Valor Fitness MB-6 Foam Barbell Pad is your start to looking better and feeling better. Designed for maximum comfort with a high-density foam core with sturdy nylon covering, the MB-6 Foam Barbell Pad literally takes the weight and load off your shoulders while also providing a secure and safe fit. This is especially crucial when working out with heavier weight sets so you can exert more effort, reap more benefits, and see more results without the added burden. The Valor Fitness MB-6 Foam Barbell Pad is great for use with standard and Olympic bars. You will experience a more relaxed yet still intensive work out whether you’re using it for back squats, lunges, hip thrusts, calf raises, or more. The MB-6 Foam Barbell Pad also features a no-hassle Velcro closure to secure the pad to the user's bar for easy placement and removal. Covered Velcro closure prevents any chaffing from exposed Velcro. Measures 18” long with a 3.5” diameter.