OB-LOG More Info

Our OB-Log Strongman log bars are constructed of high-quality, heavy-duty steel coated with a black powder finish to make it the strongest and most durable piece of Strongman training equipment in your gym!

These logs have a neutral grip to reduce the amount of stress on both the shoulders and wrists during your log press workout! Along with the neutral grip, the 24.4" between the grip handles keeps you in a comfortable position with a natural grip so you can put all your energy into training without worrying about any discomfort!

Our log bars also feature a wide opening with smooth rubber edges to both keep you safe and comfortable throughout your lift, but what sets our logs apart from the competition is the removable sleeves! This allows you or your athletes to lift with the log itself - this may be extremely beneficial if you or your athletes are starting Strongman and need to learn proper technique before adding weight.

With a max weight load of 500 lb, note that these logs are NOT meant to be dropped directly on the floor, only drop when using crash mats, safety pads, or tires. Proven in numerous Strongman competition events in the state of Florida, the Valor Fitness OB-Log Strongman Logs should be the next addition to your gym!