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Training with a peg board wall is critical to building upper body strength for athletes across the spectrum - whether it be cross training, rock climbing, gymnastics, or ninja warrior training! A great pegboard should help you increase grip strength while building your lats, traps, shoulders, and biceps and the Valor Fitness PG-1 is no different! Our peg board features 38 holes to serve as climbing holds in conjunction with the 2 wood pegs measuring 6.5" each.

Constructed of heavy-duty multi plywood, this climbing board mounts directly to any concrete or dry wall in your home, garage, or gym facility! Measuring 71" x 12", the PG-1 Peg Board features wall mount holes spaced 16" apart for standard stud distance - mount brackets included. A great addition to any gym, use this wall mounted climbing peg board to great effect and see massive strength gains translated to other methods of your training!