PY-1 More Info

Used in conjunction with the steel cable pulley, the heavy-duty 75” long rubber sheathed cable is designed with strength, durability, and smooth operation in mind. This versatile, space-sufficient unit can be used with several cable attachment for different cable workouts, such as tricep rope pull downs, lat pull downs, cable crunches, and many others. Just be sure to have a stable seat or place to put your feet if performing lat pull downs to ensure you get the most efficient workout.

Not only is the PY-1 easy to use and easy to transport, it is also just as easy to set up. Simply thread the weight plate ring strap through the center of a bumper plate (sold separately) and attach it to the cable with the carabiner clip. The cable pulley and connecting strap can be attached to power racks, pull-up bars, beams, or any stable location where it can be safely attached.

Meant for home, light-commercial gym use, or even possibly on the go, the Valor Fitness PY-1 Portable Cable Station has a maximum weight capacity of 200 lb and is compatible with plates with a 2” opening.