PY-1, Portable Cable Station

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Plate Loaded Portable Cable Station with Pull Down Strap

This Pulley Station is ideal for on-the-go and at home cable workout. When putting together a home or garage gym, space is always a factor. We are often unable to get our dream fitness center at home due to a sheer lack of space. With the Valor Fitness PY-1 Portable Cable Station, you can save plenty of space in your home gym while getting an intense cable workout like those you can perform in a commercial gym.

Portable Cable Station Features & Benefits:

  • WELL MADE: This lat pulldown machine is made to last through intense workouts. Includes with a heavy-duty, 75” long rubber sheathed cable for strength, durability, and smooth operation. Cable pulley constructed of heavy-duty steel.
  • MAJOR SPACE SAVER: Roll it up and pack it in your gym bag and use for travel or keep it in a drawer in your house. Where space may deter users from adding a Cable Machine to their home gym, the PY-1 offers the benefits of a cable system without needing a large piece of equipment.
  • VERSATILE: Can be used with a wide range of cable attachment workouts, such as tricep pull downs, lat pull downs, cable crunches, and many others. Purchase includes Pull Down Strap but can be used with many other accessories (See bundle option). This tricep machine is just what you need for your home gym system.
  • EASY ASSEMBLY: Simply thread the weight plate ring through the center of a bumper plate (sold separately) and attach it to the cable. Cable Pulley can connect to power racks, pull-up bars, beams, and just about anywhere you can attach the strap. Bundle option creates the best pulleys for lifting with rope, tricep V bar and triangle chest pull.
  • ADDITIONAL: Includes Weight Plate Ring Strap, Rubber Sheathed Cable, Cable Pulley with connecting strap, and Pull Down Strap. Meant for home and light-commercial gym use. Max weight load of 200 lb. Compatible with plates with a 2” opening.

Portable Cable Station: Product Video


SKU Product Name Shipping Weight (lbs) Box Length (in) Box Width (in) Box Height (in)
PY-1 Pulley Cable Station
4 8 8 2
PY-1attB, Portable Cable Station W/ Handle Bundle
PY-1ATTB: Includes the cable attachment bundle


  • CABLE PULL BUNDLE: V-Shaped Handle(MB-1), Triangle Chest Pull(MB-4), and Tricep Pull Down Rope(MB-5) to make up the perfect set of cable pulley attachments.
  • KNURLED RUBBER GRIPS: Cable Attachment Bundle constructed of knurled rubber grips for firm nonslip grip on the MB-1 V-Shaped Handle and MB-4 Triangle Chest Pull handles.
  • HIGH QUALITY: Heavy duty home gym accessories built to last. Constructed of 12-gauge solid Steel and Chrome made to withstand heavy weight at high intensity.
  • MULTI-FUNCTIONAL: Can work with any cable machine as weightlifting accessories. Ideal for tricep push downs, seated rows, ab crunches, lat pull downs and many others to develop muscles in back, shoulders, lats, triceps, biceps, and forearms.
  • ADDITIONAL: These workout accessories are meant for light-commercial use.

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Ask a Question
  • HI Because this is a pulley system, is there a mechanical advantage making the actual weight load less than the plate(s) on the end? Or is it 1:1? E.g, a 50 pound plate equals a 50 load or does the 1 pulley system reduce that to an actual 25 pound load? Also,how secure is the end where the plate is held? I have seen comments on other such devices where the weld broke at the end. Your products seem to be high quality. Thanks!

    Thanks for your question! The PY-1 is a 1:1 ratio. You will not have to subtract any weight from the load to account for this.

    We have not had any issues at the end where the plate is held - it has withstood lots of testing! We absolutely try to ensure all of our products are home-gym proof, but if you ever need a replacement, you can contact our Spare Parts department :)

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