Valor Fitness CA-53, Adjustable 2” Boxing Speed Bag Platform (Speed Bag Included)

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Purchase includes Adjustable Boxing Speed Bag Platform - lightweight, 10” speed bag to improves hand speed, hand-eye coordination, timing, punch power, and shoulder endurance, while providing an excellent cardio workout. Designed with strong vinyl outer cover to hold up during intense workouts. Double stitched seams extend life span and prevent wear and tear.

Adjustable 2" Boxing Speed Bag Platform, CA-53 Features & Benefits:

  • HIGH-QUALITY:2” x 2” frame with 1” 12-gauge steel tubes hold the platform and frame together for maximum stability. Mounting brackets allow the user to mount the platform onto a wall. Cement anchors and wood lag bolts are provided.
  • FASTER RETURN: The 2” thick MDF enhances stability and allows even more striking energy to be transferred back into speed bag than CA-2. Reinforced with 2 solid steel chrome tubes. 360-degree rotating swivel adds speed and efficiency required in boxing.
  • ADJUSTABLE WORM DRIVE AND WHEEL CRANK: Easy to adjust worm drive accommodates all athletes by allowing each user to choose their desired height using wheel crank. Allows for a 12” adjustable range of motion.
  • ADDED STABILITY: 4 locking screw nuts on back of frame prevent shaking. Simply turn the locks to loosen and move platform to desired level with the wheel crank below the unit and retighten. Unit will easily slide on chrome-plated tubes.
  • ADDITIONAL: Speed bag included. Valor Fitness Speed Bags are built to fit our products. Note: speed bag should be pumped to maximum 3 PSI. If using another bag, the CA-53 should accommodate most S/M speed bags. Partially assembled for your convenience.

How high to mount your CA-53

Top bolt should be mounted 80” off the ground to serve customer height 4’ - 5’
Top bolt should be mounted 86” off the ground to serve customer height 4’6” - 5’6”
Top bolt should be mounted 92” off the ground to serve customer height 5’ - 6’
Top bolt should be mounted 98” off the ground to serve customer height 5’6” - 6’6”
Top bolt should be mounted 104” off the ground to serve customer height 6’ - 7’


SKU Product Name Shipping Weight (lbs) Box Length (in) Box Width (in) Box Height (in) Assembled Dimensions (LxWxH in inches)
CA-53 2" Speed Bag Platform 81 31 27 11 24x24x25.75


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