Valor Fitness CHN-UP, Multi Grip Chin Up/Pull Up Bar
Valor Fitness CHN-UP, Multi Grip Chin Up/Pull Up Bar
Valor Fitness CHN-UP, Multi Grip Chin Up/Pull Up Bar
Valor Fitness CHN-UP, Multi Grip Chin Up/Pull Up Bar


Valor Fitness CHN-UP, Multi Grip Chin Up/Pull Up Bar

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The Valor Fitness CHN-UP, Multi Grip Chin-Up Bar/Pull-Up Bar is the perfect addition to your home gym if you are looking for a complete, total upper body workout.

Multi Grip Chin up and Pull up Bar Features & Benefits:

  • BUILT LIKE A TANK: No matter how vigorous the movement or how heavy the person, this pullup bar will hold it all. Constructed of 2" x 2" steel frame tubing for strength and durability, with the ability to hold up to 400 lb of user body weight! Powder coated matte black finish enhances pullup grip!
  • MULTI-GRIP DESIGN: The 6 different hand grips allow you to play around with all variety of pullups to target all muscle groups. Go from close grip to wide grip to standard grip, and reverse grip for multiple pullup and chin up variations and a total upper body workout. The contoured shape allows you to target the secondary muscle groups instead of just the lats.
  • IMPROVE UPPER BODY: This tank of a pullup bar is made to target all arm and back muscles and even abdominal muscles. It is the perfect distance out to enable you to perform strict pullups with a slight kip or strict toes to bar.
  • STABLE: You will never have to worry about this bar wobbling or shaking. Have confidence in your pull-up bar/chin up bar with extended steel rods on each side of the unit to support more weight. Mounts directly to wall for stability (mounting screws/hardware included). Recommended for cement wall mount.
  • ADDITIONAL: Pullup bar frame measures 50" wide, 25" tall, and extends 29.5" from the wall. The pullup bar itself measures 45" across. Hand grips are 1.25" diameter. Meant for home gym and light-commercial use. Suggested wall mount to cement wall.


SKU Product Name Shipping Weight (lbs) Box Length (in) Box Width (in) Box Height (in) Assembled Dimensions (LxWxH in inches)
CHN-UP  Chin Up Bar Pro Style Mount  39 49 12 6 29.5x50x25

With 6 unique pull-up and chin-up positions, this heavy-duty pull-up bar allows you to develop strength in numerous muscles throughout your upper body, including your back (specifically the lats), the biceps, forearms, and other parts of your upper back and even your shoulders!


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  • It says suggested wall mount to cement. Can it not be mounted to walls with studs (2x4's)? or is it because of the mounting hardware included with the pull up system that it cant be mounted to a regular wall with studs.

    Thanks for your question! We suggest cement, but it can be mounted to studs.

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