Valor Fitness OB-80W-GT, Gold Titanium Needle Bearing Women's Barbell

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Introducing the first official Valor Fitness color finished barbell. The Valor Fitness OB-80W-GT Women’s Gold Titanium Needle Bearing Olympic Bar is fully coated in a vibrant gold finish. Despite its unique look, it specializes in durability and performance. Measuring 80.5” in total length, the OB-80W-GT weighs 15 kg (33 lb) and has 2 high quality needle bearings and a bushing on each sleeve to ensure enhanced spin and rotation for improved performance and efficiency during Olympic weightlifting movements and other intense lifts while providing great whip action to enhance each lift.

Gold Women's Barbell Features & Benefits:

  • HEAVY DUTY WOMENS BARBELL- 15kg/33lb barbell constructed of steel for strength and durability during your workout! Features 190k PSI tensile strength with great whip. Built with high quality needle bearings and bushings and a white protective rubber ring on collar.
  • ENHANCED SPIN & ROTATION- 2 needle bearings and bushings per sleeve ensure enhanced spin and superior rotations, allowing you to get under the bar quickly on Olympic lifts such as the snatch and clean & jerk without changing hand position, preventing injury.
  • CHROME OLYMPIC SLEEVE- The OB-80W-GT features 13” of loadable sleeve length featuring fine grooves so your bumper plates won't slide during your workout! Sleeves have a 2" diameter to fit Olympic bumper weight plates.
  • KNURLED- Volcano knurling, with dual knurl-free guide marks, help to center or align your grip for a safe and secure balanced grip on the bar during heavy lifts. No center knurl. The knurling holds weightlifting chalk well for enhanced grip, while the Titanium coating of the bar also enhances grip.
  • ADDITIONAL- Standard women’s barbell 25mm diameter, measuring 80.5" in total length. Max weight load of 1000lb (over double most barbells!). Ideal for cross training Metcon's, WODs, as well as deadlift, bench press, squat, and powerlifting workouts, but you will see the biggest difference in the snatch and clean & jerk due to the greater spin and rotation!


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