OP, Olympic Plates

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Olympic Plates for Weightlifting

Gym owners looking for durable Olympic plates should look no further than the Valor Fitness OP, Olympic Plates. With a thick, non-slip rubber coating, these plates will last you through all your workouts.

These plates are perfect for cross-training workouts, as well as powerlifting and weightlifting. You won't find any other plates on the market that can match these for quality and performance.

Features and Benefits:

  • RUBBER COATED WEIGHTS: These Olympic weight plates are constructed of a durable rubber to withstand constant use in your home gym over time! The heavy-duty rubber also prevents damage to equipment and gym floors if dropped.
  • TRI-GRIP HANDLES: Each of our rubber Olympic weight plates features 3 ergonomic grips inside the edges to safely and easily carry, load, and unload from your Olympic barbell or plate storage rack/tree!
  • VERSATILE WEIGHT PLATES: With the grips on these plates you can use them for more than just barbell or curl bar workouts! You can easily and safely carry these Olympic weight plates to add weight to sit ups, lunges, and other body weight exercises!
  • STEEL INSERTS: The OP Olympic Weight Plates feature a 2" stainless steel insert to fit your Olympic barbell, EZ curl bar, and storage pegs or racks. Easily slide these on and off the bar or peg without worrying about scratching or other damage!
  • ADDITIONAL: Meant for home gym and light-commercial gym use. Due to rubber construction, this product has a scent that will fade over time.
  • DISCLAIMER: Although these plates are built strong, these plates cannot be dropped when they are on the barbell alone. This is due to the thickness of that particular size plate and it not being able to withstand the amount of force being applied to them when dropped.

If you are looking for durable Olympic plates to add to your home gym, then the Valor Fitness OP Olympic Plates are exactly what you need.

Each plate features tri-grip handles: 3 ergonomically placed grips inside the edges to safely and easily carry, load, and unload your plates from an Olympic barbell or plate storage rack/tree. This feature also makes these plates extremely versatile, as they can be easily carried to add weight to traditional body weight exercises such as sit ups, lunges, and much more.

Note: due to the rubber construction, these weight plates may have a distinct scent that will fade over time - some may be more sensitive to the scent than others. If you are experiencing this scent, you can wash these plates with any hand or dish soap and water until it dissipates.

Weight Number of Plates Included
10lb (4) 10lb plates
25lb (2) 25lb plate
35lb (1) 35lb plate
45lb (1) 45lb plate
90lb Set

(4) 10lb plates, and (2) 25lb plates

120lb Set

(2) 25lb plates, and (2) 35lb plates

130lb Set

(4) 10lb plates, and (2) 45lb plates

180lb Set

(4) 10lb plates, (2) 25lb plates, and (2) 45lb plates

210lb Set (2B)

(2) 25lb plates, (2) 35lb plates, and (2) 45lb plates

220lb Set

(4) 10lb plates, and (4) 45lb plates

260lb Set

(4) 25lb plates, (2) 35lb plates, and (2) 45lb plates



SKU Product Name Shipping Weight (lbs) Box Length (in) Box Width (in) Box Height (in)
OP-10 10lb Olympic Plates 43 11 11 7
OP-25 25lb Olympic Plates 51 15 15 4
OP-35 35lb Olympic Plate 36 17 17 3
OP-45 45lb Olympic Plate 46 18 18 3

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Ask a Question
  • Hi! I purchased the BE-11 Smith Machine a few weeks ago and was hoping you'd have the Valor Fitness OP plates in stock by now. I would still like to purchase them for my new Valor Smith Machine. Is there any chance that I could pre-order one of your sets in case I miss the re-stock of this item?

    We do not have any pre-order available, but on the listing you can sign up for the restock notification - you can select the size of each plate you are interested in purchasing and enter your email address to be notified when they have been restocked so you don't miss out! This will be the same process for all Valor items. However, please note that if you sign up for restock notifications, we can't guarantee the items you have signed up for will still be available as it is first-come, first-served.

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