Valor Fitness SDB, Pre-Filled Sandbag

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Pre Filled Sandbag for Weight and Functional Training

The SDB Sandbags are ideal for cross-training exercises and high intensity training.

The Valor Fitness SDB Pre-Filled Sandbags have multiple hold points with a tubular design for those athletes looking for versatility in their workouts. Sandbag training is common among the military, martial artists, and Strongman athletes. Athletes can train with sandbags almost anywhere, including garage and box gyms as well as outside. This unique kind of training is challenging but very beneficial for building strength and improving conditioning. Athletes can swing, squat, deadlift, press, lunge, and even run with the Sandbag for a total body workout that is sure to improve performance and develop explosive power. Made with 5 strong grip handles (3 on the top, 1 on the side, 1 on the bottom) allow the ability to use and carry the sandbag in a variety of ways depending on which exercise they’re performing. Handles made of vinyl. Each sandbag is color coordinated to allow for easy identification during use. Constructed with heavy duty stitching for extra strength and durability, the SDB's will meet your training demands. The high-density stuffing keeps the weight centered during use. Product measures 24.5” in length with 10” diameter.

Valor Fitness carries the products you need. Purchase a pre filled sandbag today!

Features and Benefits:

  • HEAVY DUTY- Designed with heavy-duty stitching for extra strength and durability during intense functional workouts. HIGH-DENSITY STUFFING- Pre-filled with high-density stuffing to keep the weight centered during use.
  • IMPROVE PERFORMANCE- Training aid for developing explosive power while increasing body strength, stability, and endurance. The constantly shifting sand will require users to utilize their core muscles to stabilize the bag and build strength.
  • VERSATILE- Can be used for weight training or functional training exercises. Users can swing, squat, deadlift, press, lunge, or run with the Sandbag for a total body workout. NOT meant to be dragged on any surface.
  • MULTIPLE GRIP OPTIONS- 5 grip handles (3 on the top, 1 on the side, 1 on the bottom) allow the ability to use and carry the sandbag in a variety of ways depending on the exercise being performed. Handles made of vinyl.
  • COLOR COORDINATED- SDB weights feature different color vinyl straps along the top and sides for easy identification during use.


SKU Product Name Shipping Weight (lbs) Box Length (in) Box Width (in) Box Height (in) Assembled Dimensions (LxWxH in inches)
SDB-10 10 lb Sandbag
11 25 10 10 24.5x10x10
SDB-20 20 lb Sandbag 21 25 10 10 24.5x10x10
SDB-30 30 lb Sandbag 31 25 10 10 24.5x10x10
SDB-40 40 lb Sandbag 41 25 10 10 24.5x10x10
SDB-50 50 lb Sandbag 51 25 10 10 24.5x10x10


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