Valor Fitness WB, Wall Ball (6-25lbs)

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Take your fitness to the next level with the Valor Fitness WB, Wall Balls. Wall Balls are a great addition to any home or light-commercial gym for strength and conditioning exercises.

WB Wall Ball Features & Benefits:

  • HIGH QUALITY: Wall ball/med ball constructed of high-quality durable vinyl, double stitched with reinforced seams. Nylon inner construction.
  • CROSS TRAINING ESSENTIAL: Perfect addition for any home, box, studio, or light-commercial gym geared towards cross training and many other similar methods of training.
  • VERSATILE: Wall ball/med ball can be used for wall balls, side throws, ab crunches, and carried on a run to add intensity to cardio workouts. Also used as a medicine ball.
  • EASY IDENTIFICATION: Color coded and weight is screen printed on the front to easily identify the weight during workouts.
  • ADDITIONAL: Includes a durable loop on both sides of the stitching for easy storage, picking up, or as a grip during workouts. Not meant to be used as a slam ball.


SKU Product Name Shipping Weight (lbs) Box Length (in) Box Width (in) Box Height (in)
6 lb Wall Ball
6 14 14 14
WB-8 8 lb Wall Ball 8 14 14 14
WB-10 10 lb Wall Ball 10 14 14 14
WB-12 12 lb Wall Ball 12 14 14 14
WB-14 14 lb Wall Ball 14 14 14 14
WB-16 16 lb Wall Ball 16 14 14 14
WB-20 20 lb Wall Ball 20 14 14 14
WB-25 25 lb Wall Ball 25 14 14 14

The primary use for the WB Wall Balls are – you guessed it – wall balls, but they can also be used for side throws against a wall, for ab crunches, or they can be carried on a run for increased intensity to basic cardio workouts.

For wall balls, hold the ball at chest level with your feet shoulder width apart, and shoulders back. With your elbows under the ball, descend into a squat with your weight over your heels. Drive upwards with your back straight, engage your hips, and throw the ball vertically into the wall. Catch it on the rebound and descend back into the squat to repeat repetitions. As you become more advanced, you will be able to cycle the repetitions by descending into the squat as you catch the rebound.


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