Home Gym Equipment Guide to Benches and Weights

Home Gym Equipment Guide to Benches and Weights

Home Gym Equipment Guide to Benches and Weights

If you’re a gym enthusiast who is thinking about creating a home gym with weights and benches in your home, there are several things you need to think about ahead of time. It’s not just good enough to buy a bunch of equipment and place it in your basement, spare bedroom, or garage. You need to be fully ready, committed and prepared to accommodate the type of equipment you need in a safe environment.

We’ve gathered some tips to help you get started on putting together the home gym of your dreams.

What will your in-home gym look like?

Deciding on where your home gym will be (basement, spare room, etc.) is an important decision that should also include thoughts about what the gym will look like in terms of lighting, mirrors, and equipment mats.


  • Space– You want to make sure you have the right amount of space depending on the equipment you will be using. For example, if you want to buy a squat rack, be sure to keep several feet around the rack to allow room for the barbell, plates, and space for squatting.
  • Lighting – A well-lit space is an important factor because you want to be safe while working out.
  • Mirrors – Mirrors are a critical part of gyms because they help to reflect light and enhance the lighting in any darker areas of the room. They are also important to help you monitor your form, fix poor posture, reduce the risk of injury, boost your motivation, and help with spatial awareness to keep you from hitting someone else, the ceiling, or a wall.
  • Equipment Mats – A must for your safety, equipment mats typically cover the entire floor of an in-home gym. They prevent slippage and add stability to your exercise equipment while protecting your floor.
  • Miscellaneous Items – Most in-home gyms will have a speaker system installed in the space or at least a Bluetooth or other wireless speaker that allows you to hit play on your favorite playlist and focus on your workout. A small refrigerator is a nice plus so you can keep water and sports drinks handy. A fan to create air flow. A stash of workout towels and cleaning supplies are also good to have on hand.

What’s your goal?

Are you looking to beef up or are you looking to lose weight? While weightlifting is great for both and there are some other products you may need to incorporate into your routine, understanding your goal and what your typical workout routine will consist of is important. To decide on the needed equipment, you’ll need to have a good understanding of your goals.

What equipment will you need?

The most important element in any home gym is the equipment you will work out with. Will you incorporate kettlebells, dumbbells, and benches, or did you have something else in mind? Deciding on the equipment you want to invest in is important because the space needed for each piece of equipment will vary. Understanding your goals, the purpose of each piece of equipment as well as your budget will help you narrow it down.

  • Benches – We carry a wide array of benches at varying price points. Knowing the type of equipment you have used previously may help you narrow down your preferences. Whether you’ll primarily be working out alone or with someone else may also determine the workout bench model that makes the most sense for you. Working out with a bench can help you increase upper body strength, improve muscular endurance, and more.
  • Weights – From simple weights to something on more of a professional level, Valor Fitness has what you need. Weights are an important part of an in-home gym because they help you to improve overall strength, core power, and flexibility while sculpting your muscles. Adjustable dumbbell sets, kettlebells, barbells, and weight vests all have their place in a workout routine but you’ll want to consider budget and your goals as you narrow down your equipment choices.

At Valor Fitness, we want to help you take your in-home gym to the next level so you can create a space that allows you to work out successfully and safely. We invite you to visit our or our retail outlet in Lakeland, FL where our expert team can help you select the right products to help you smash your goals. Should you have any questions about an order or one of our products, do not hesitate to contact us.

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