Improve Hand-Eye Coordination With Speed Bag Training

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Using Speed Bag Boxing as a Cross-Training Dynamic Fitness Workout 

Looking to introduce speed bag training into your workout routine?

Speed bag boxing exercises are a great way to add dynamic fitness into your training. Athletes can build endurance while improving important reflexes through timing, accuracy, power, and footwork skills.

What is a Speed Bag?

Speed bags are small boxing punching bags used to build reflexes and hand-eye coordination through quick, repetitive movements. They are used to train the muscles and reflexes of the arms, hands, shoulders, and upper body. Boxers use the speed bag to practice their timing, accuracy, power, and footwork skills for sparring.

Modern speed bags are commonly made of processed rubber or high-quality leather. An inner pouch is filled with air to create a full and light punching bag.

Speed bags can train the muscles of the arms, hands, shoulders, and upper body. They have gained popularity amongst non-boxers for their benefits of building focus, endurance, reaction time, and hand-eye coordination.

Boxing Bag Punching

Boxing & Speed Bag Benefits

1. Develop Stamina and Endurance

Boxing, especially speed bag training, is a great way to improve cardiovascular health. When training, athletes keep a strong core and constantly engage upper body muscles.

Heart rate rises through the combination of arm/shoulder muscle involvement and consistent body movement.

2. Build Hand-Eye Coordination and Reflexes

Speedbags have a small surface area and a rhythmic bouncing when used.

Coordination between the eyes, mind, and hands allow athletes to develop quick reflexes and focus. Through continued boxing training, the mind will get sharper, and your punches will move faster.

3. Engage Arm, Shoulder, and Upper Back Muscles

By keeping the hands up and in front of the face, the muscles of your upper arms and shoulders stay constantly engaged.

The rotation of the shoulders and arms improves mobility, and continuous core, chest, and back engagement builds balance and stability. All this over time can lead to greater muscle strength and definition.



Equipment Needed for Speed Bag Training

A speed bag setup provides a compact boxing solution for small gym spaces and home gyms. You can mount them to the wall or ceiling of virtually any space using these three components.

The Speed Bag: Of course, there is no speedbag training without a proper speed bag! The bag offers a punching surface that rebounds as a response to the boxer's strikes.

The Swivel: The top of the speed bag attaches to a metal piece called the swivel. It allows the bag to rebound smoothly and quickly throughout repetitive punching motions.

The Platform: A platform base serves as an attachment point for the swivel and rebounding surface for the bag. They come in many shapes and sizes, and can be adjustable for user height.

Speed bag platform for speed bag boxing

Speed Bag Boxing Tips

Many people overlook boxing training as a workout routine, but it can be a great cross-training conditioning method. Follow these tips for building endurance, coordination, and reflexes with a speed bag.

  • Find Your Rhythm: Start slow and watch your rebounds. The speed bag should rebound off the platform a minimum of 3 times in between each hit.
  • Stand Steady: Maintain a forward facing stance with planted feet and a strong core. Keep arms lifted to maintain engagement in the shoulders, chest, and upper back.
  • Switch it up: Work both sides of your body by switching your hitting hand every 2 to 3 strikes. Remember to rotate your body stance and feet as well for a total body workout.
  • Technique Comes First: As a beginner, turn your focus on correct form over fast speed. Speed will come with practice in repetitions.

Bring variety into your workout routine with this challenging, yet rewarding, style of exercise. Try using speedbag training techniques to improve your cardiovascular health and coordination skills.

Stay fit, and up your dynamic fitness game with a speed bag setup today!

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