The Difference Between the Wall Ball and Slam Ball

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Sitting side by side wall balls and slam balls seem to be interchangeable exercise balls. Even some fitness enthusiasts use wall balls or slam balls for medicine ball workouts. The main similarities between the two are they are weighted balls.

What is a Wall Ball?

Wall balls are weighted balls often used in exercises where they are thrown up to a target on the wall. In comparison to slam balls, wall balls are usually larger. The outside material is soft and made of vinyl. Our wall balls vary in size from 6-25 lbs. Wall balls are perfect for wall ball toss, side throws, chest throws, and ab crunches. They are not meant to be slammed.

Wall Ball Target

What is a Slam Ball?

Slam Balls are made of a dense rubberized outer shell designed to prevent blowouts and damage while slamming the ball to the ground. Although a slam ball may look like a bouncy ball, it is actually designed not to bounce too much. So feel free to slam them on the ground without fear of recoil.

Slam balls are designed to withstand exercises that involve slamming the ball on the ground or wall. Slam balls range in weight from 10lb to 150lbs. Some popular slam ball exercises are Ball slams, floor chest throws, as well as some exercises that can be done with a medicine ball. Slam balls are a great way to increase your power, strength and muscle stamina.

Slam Balls


Although you may be able to do the same exercises with either ball we highly recommend that you use each as suggested. Try both exercise balls to challenge yourself to get better gains.

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