BF-39 More Info

The J-hooks make it simple to rack the bar in between sets and workouts with a safety locking pin that secures the bar when changing plates or when it is not in use. The easy bar adjustment at the rear of the unit allows the back pad to be adjusted, providing the user with 4 positions, including a decline, flat, and 2 incline positions.

Simply move the head of the bench and place the bar in any of the 4 positions to change the angle of the back pad and add variety to your workout. The safety bar catches, 2 on each side at 27” and 35” off the floor, are built into the frame for use in the event the lift cannot be completed.

The Valor Fitness BF-39 is meant for home and light-commercial use and is compatible with the EX-1 and EX-2 attachments (sold separately).