ES-H More Info

The Valor Fitness ES-H Harness is the answer to your needs whether you are a trainer looking to get the maximum speed and strength out of your athletes or an individual looking to improve your overall athletic performance. The ES-H is extremely versatile and can be used with performing push, pull or drag exercises with the Valor Fitness ES-Sled or ES-PS Power Sled. Through these unique sets of power sled exercises, you’ll see improvements in endurance, strength, and conditioning, and meet fitness goals faster.

Made from 100% strong Nylon and constructed with high-quality stitching to prevent damage throughout the most intense full-body workouts. The ES-H is designed to adjust to every body type for a snug fit to stay in place and prevent shifting or sliding while in use. Purchase includes a 10 ft. strap that attaches to fitness sleds to create a slight angle when pulling the weight, reducing friction against the ground and helping the sled move forward faster.

Double strap carabiner design to accommodates all sled designs to attach to Valor Fitness products or to your own equipment. 1-year warranty.