OB-AXL More Info

Unlike a standard Olympic bar, the Axle Bar has a thick 2" diameter shaft to help promote grip strength in both the hand and wrist as well as your raw pulling strength. The thickness of axle bars/fat bars makes for a much more intense and challenging but beneficial workout by emphasizing the muscles in the hands to work on grip and wrist strength in a way an Olympic barbell cannot! Weighing 25 lb with a maximum weight load of 500 lb, the OB-AXL Axle Bar helps distribute the weight more evenly across your muscles, requiring the forearms to do the dirty work and allowing a more symmetrical development throughout the arms. Although you can certainly use the Axle Bar as a squat bar, the main benefit of these bars is to enhance grip strength so it is most commonly used for the deadlift, rows, bench press, shoulder/overhead press, as a curl bar, as well as with a landmine attachment such as the Valor Fitness LM-7 Post Landmine attachment. Measuring 84" in length with a loadable sleeve length of 16" on each side, the Valor Fitness OB-AXL Axle Bar is the perfect way to mix up your routine and make those strength gains!