RG-12 More Info

The Valor Fitness RG-12 Wall Ball Target with Extension is constructed of high-quality 1-inch thick MDF Particle Board. The target has a unique dartboard style ideal for new and experienced athletes that are looking for a product that can help develop consistency, form, and accuracy needed in competition. Any cross trainer will tell you that wall ball target exercises will provide the most effective conditioning and strength training. Use by squatting low to the ground and standing up to hit the target with wall ball. Repeat to develop full body strength and toning. Increase wall ball weight as you progress.

Perfect for use with Valor Fitness Wall Balls and Valor Fitness Wall Ball Pros. Attach extension with target to Valor Fitness RIG or BD-57 to use at men’s or women’s standard competition height (10 feet and 9 feet, respectively), or any desired height. Diameter of the Target is 14 inches. Measures 1 inch. thick. 2-year warranty. Meant for use with Valor Fitness RIGs and BD-57 Rack. All Valor Fitness accessories are meant to fit Valor Fitness products only.