RG-13 More Info

Constructed of 11-gauge steel, the RG-13 is made for use with Valor Fitness RIGs and attaches and locks into place with a steel rod locking pin. The pin is kept in place with a looped wire to ensure safety. The 10” barbell sleeve with a 2” opening accommodates Olympic barbells, as well as the option to fit 1” diameter standard bars if the user prefers (if the sleeves can be removed), with a locking bolt feature that twists to ensure the barbell will not shift during use.

The multi-axis rotation allows smooth movement and maximum efficiency during the most intense workouts. Use the RG-13 to perform T-bar rows, landmine single leg deadlifts, landmine shoulder presses, rotation twists, and many other exercises. Barbells and RIG sold separately.

The RG-13 is meant strictly for use with Valor Fitness RIGs – it is not compatible with any Power Racks. If you have a Power Rack, please see our LM-7 Post Landmine – this Landmine does not need to be attached to the Rack itself, rather it slots into the opening of a 2” plate on the floor. If you are looking for a Landmine to go with your Power Rack, the LM-7 is the correct alternative for you. Please note that all Valor Fitness accessories and attachments are compatible with Valor Fitness products only.