RG-19 More Info

Constructed of heavy-duty steel for strength and durability, the RG-19 features a 1” peg and adjustment hook mechanism that locks into the frame to ensure stability and security. The wraparound bracket enhances support and ensures safety and protection for the user. The protective rubber strips along the top of the RG-19 Safety Spotter Arms prevent scratching on your barbell.

Used in the event the lift cannot be completed for exercises such as bench press or squats, these Spotter Arms can be secured on any of the adjustment holes on the Valor Fitness RIGs or BD-57 to easily meet the needs of multiple users.

To add further versatility to the RG-19, 6 evenly spaced band peg holes measuring 1” each allow users to add resistance band training and increase the intensity of their workout regimen. These band peg holes are perfect for use with the Valor Fitness MB-L Resistance Band Pegs (sold separately) and can be further supplemented with the Valor Fitness PRB Resistance Bands (sold separately).

With 24” of safety support, the Valor Fitness RG-19 is sold as a pair and designed to fit Valor Fitness products only.