Valor Fitness BD-9, Squat Stands

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Heavy Duty Squat Stands

The Valor Fitness BD-9 Independent Power Squat Stands are a set of two adjustable upright stands mainly designed for squat movement, but also can function as a bench press stand.

BD-9, Squat Stands Features & Benefits:

  • HEAVY DUTY: Constructed of 13-gauge steel with 2” x 2” tubing for strength and durability. Rubber end caps encase each foot for added stability and floor protection.
  • VERSATILE: Mainly functions as a squat stand, but with independent uprights it can easily accommodate a bench to perform bench presses. Storage pegs add functionality to the unit and make it more stable when loaded with plates.
  • ADJUSTABLE: Uprights adjust between 10 different heights from 49.5” to 75” tall. Also included are adjustable safety catches from 24.75” to 38.5” in 11 different positions.
  • EXPANDABLE FOOT BASE: 3 position adjustable base for larger footprint to add more stability. Minimum length of foot base is 20”, with a maximum of 28”.
  • ADDITIONAL: Meant for home gym or light-commercial use. Max weight load of 350 lb directed downward. Storage pegs compatible with EX-10 Olympic Adapter Sleeve (sold separately). Warranty, 3-year frame, 1-year hardware, 1-year popper-pin.

Heavy Duty Squat Stands: Product Video


SKU Product Name Shipping Weight (lbs) Box Length (in) Box Width (in) Box Height (in) Assembled Dimensions (LxWxH in inches)
BD-9 Power Squat Stands 60 49 19 5 20-28x56.5x49.5-75

Constructed of 2” x 2”, 13-gauge steel, this unit has adjustable uprights with 10 different positions ranging from 49.5” to 75” making this a great product for multiple users. J-Hooks are located at the top of the uprights to safety rack the bar during squats. The safety bar catches are also adjustable with 11 different positions, ranging from 24.75” from the floor to 38.5”. The included bar catches, which is also adjustable, is perfect for resting the bar in the bench press function. To adjust the position of the bar and safety catches, simply loosen the popper pins, pull, and then slide into the preferred position. Retighten the popper pin to secure it into position. The base of each unit is also expandable, with 3 different positions ranging from 20” to 28”. With an expanded foot base, the unit becomes even more stable, if required. Each stand also features a 1” storage peg (7” in length) to safely store standard and Olympic plates for a clean and organized gym. These pegs are also compatible with the Valor Fitness EX-10 Olympic Adapter Sleeve that converts 1” storage pegs to 2” storage pegs. When loaded with plates, the unit becomes even more stable. To perform bench presses, create enough distance between each stand to allow enough room for an individual bench to easily slide in, while the bar rests on the bar catches. With a maximum weight load of 350 lb directed downward, the BD-9 Independent Power Squat Stands is an ideal addition to any home or light-commercial gym with single or multiple users.


Ask a Question
  • Do the 1” x 7 “ storage pegs located on the base Of the stands come off or are the welded on. I’m storing the stands behind a couch and would like to dismantle the pegs without dismantling the stands.

    The weight pegs are not welded to the frame, so if you need to dismantle them you can do so.

  • Bar catch wight limit? Online video from youtube says the bench press bar catch is meant for light bench press training.

    The weight limit for the unit, including the bar catch, is 350 lb as long as the weight is not dropped directly on the catch.

  • I have a few question. What is the weight capacity for the j hook? What is the size on the holes on the rack? If anything on the rack breaks do you offer replacement for it?

    Thanks for your questions! 
    1. The combined weight capacity for the j-hooks is 350lbs
    2. The holes on the BD-9 are 11mm in size and have a 1.7" gap between each hole.
    3. You can view our Warranty Information here.

  • What is the weight limit for the adjustable upright bar catches and the safety catches? I understand 350lb "total" weight downwards from the description but my question is can the upright bar catch or safety catch accommodate 350lb by itself (with no other weight on the other catches). I ordered this unit yesterday and just want to make sure that I know the limits as I want to be safe. Thanks for your help.

    The total maximum weight load for the entire unit (at any position) is 350 lb. Whether it's racked or resting on the spotter arms, or in use, the maximum weight load of 350 lb applies.

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