Valor Fitness EX-10 Olympic Adapter Sleeve
Valor Fitness EX-10, Olympic Adapter Sleeve
Valor Fitness EX-10, Olympic Adapter Sleeve
Valor Fitness EX-10, Olympic Adapter Sleeve
Valor Fitness EX-10, Olympic Adapter Sleeve
Valor Fitness EX-10, Olympic Adapter Sleeve
Valor Fitness EX-10, Olympic Adapter Sleeve


Valor Fitness EX-10, Olympic Adapter Sleeve

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Olympic Adapter Sleeve Features:

Do you have 1" pegs but use 2" plates? Well, the EX-10 Olympic Adapter Sleeves are exactly what you are looking for!

The EX-10 converts 1" standard weight pegs to 2" (50.8mm) Olympic weight plate posts, ensuring your Olympic plates have a closer fit when put away for storage or when adding weight to your machine.

  • FITS OLYMPIC WEIGHT PLATES: The adapters are designed slightly smaller (48mm) than most adapter sleeves to accommodate any 2" Olympic plate.
  • SAFE: Limits your Olympic plates from sliding or shifting during your workout or when used on a weight plate holder. Can also accommodate 2" weight clips (not included) for further security of plates. Spring clips are NOT compatible with this adapter. We recommend using the VALOR FITNESS MB-OC, OLYMPIC SCREW COLLARS.
  • EASILY SECURED: This Olympic Adapter Sleeve features a hex bolt lock-down for long lasting performance and security to your weight storage pegs. Hex key NOT included.
  • HEAVY-DUTY CONSTRUCTION: The EX-10 is constructed of carbon steel for strength and durability. Measures 9" long with 8" of usable length on anything from a lat pull down machine or calf raise machine to a weight tree.
  • ADDITIONAL: Sold as an individual Olympic Adapter Sleeve. To ensure the EX-10 fits, the 1" standard peg must be at least 7" long - the EX-10 has a shaft inside that the 1" peg must pass through to be secured.


SKU Product Name Shipping Weight (lbs) Box Length (in) Box Width (in) Box Height (in)
EX-10 Olympic Sleeve Adapter 1 11 6 2

If this is an issue in your home gym, take advantage of the Valor Fitness EX-10 Olympic Adapter Sleeve that converts 1" standard plate posts to 2" Olympic plate posts.


Ask a Question
  • Hi does this fit the VALOR FITNESS BD-62 Cable Machine?

    Yes, the EX-10 will fit the BD-62 but keep in mind this unit is sold individually (not a pair) while the BD-62 features 2 storage pegs.

  • My 1in peg is 14in long, can the end caps be removed so I would still be able to use these?

    Yes - the end cap can be removed and you can use a longer peg. But keep in mind you would still only get 8 inches of use out of the EX-10, as the end of the adapter to the edge where the cap comes off is only 8 inches long.

  • Hi the 1" post that I would like to use the adapter on is 6.5" long, would that work? I read that 7" was the minimum.

    As 7" is the minumum length, it appears the weight peg you would like to use the EX-10 with would not be long enough, unfortunately.

  • Will this work on a standard 1" bar? Olymipic plates are easier to find!

    It may work on a 1" bar, but we would recommend avoiding to allow the bar with the EX-10 attached to touch the ground. This item works extremely well for storage pegs and weight pegs on machines - it should work on a bar, but we do not recommend allowing the bar or the plates on the bar to make contact with the floor.

  • (1) Is the end cap made of plastic? (2) If the end cap falls off, does it push on or screw on? If it's a push on cap, I'll just super glue it back on. Thanks.

    The end cap is plastic. It is securely fastened to the sleeve, but it is a push-on cap.

  • Will this fit a CC4 leg machine

    Yes, the EX-10 will fit the CC-4.

  • I have the bd62, and I need the ex10. Do I need to order 2 ex10s coz they're sold individually?

    Thanks for your question! The EX-10's are sold individually, so you may purchase however many you need.

  • Does this work with the BD62 wall cable system? Thanks

    Thanks for your question! Yes, the EX-10 is just an adapter and will work with anything that has a 1" peg.

    The BD-62 holds Standard Plates but is commonly used with Olympic Plates as shown in photos. The EX-10 Olympic Adapter Sleeve and the Valor Fitness SC-1 Spring Clips can also be purchased separately to secure Olympic Sized Plates.

  • Would this fit the Valor Fitness BD-9 Squat Rack?

    Thanks for your question! Yes, the EX-10 Adapter is compatible with the BD-9.

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