How to Build an EPIC Home Gym!

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Are you thinking about building an epic home gym? If not, you should be! A home gym eliminates virtually ALL of your excuses for not training: “I don’t have time, it's too far, it's too hot, too cold, it's raining…” If you have a home gym, you simply walk into the spare room or your garage and start training. Train before work, in the evening when you get home, or if you work from home, train whenever you feel motivated to burn fat and build muscle.

Can you afford to equip your ultimate home gym? Yes, you can. The money you spend each month on dues and fees to your current gym can be used to buy the minimal equipment you need to get started. Each month, use your additional savings to add another piece of equipment. You’ll also save time and gas money by eliminating that travel time to the gym. Here are seven suggestions for equipment to get you started:


1. Racks

If you are an experienced weight lifter or just getting into powerlifting, combine safety and functionality and build your epic gym around a STURDY power rack. Check out these commercial gym quality power racks and stands for your own home gym here.



2. Bars

You’ll need a bar for weights, start with a commercial gym quality Olympic style bar and build from there. Later, add a variety of specialty bars to isolate and train specific muscles and muscle groups. Check out these heavy duty, commercial grade weight lifting bars here.




3. Plates

Now it's time to choose the weight plates for your bar. If you need to protect your floors and perform Olympic lifts and powerlifting exercises, consider cushioned bumper plates. They are color coded, never rust and have a layer of rubber around the edge. Olympic weight plates for your rows and curls are available from 5 pounds to 45 pounds allowing you to progressively increase both resistance and intensity. Find the perfect combination weight plates or bumper plates here.


Bumper Plates for Valor Fitness


4. Benches

Need to train your chest? The safest and most effective way to do that is on a safe and sturdy weight bench. Your epic home gym needs a strong, quality bench to support those heavy bench presses in your future. An adjustable bench will allow you to train your upper chest and shoulders as well. Check out the flat, adjustable, and Olympic style benches here.


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5. Dumbbells

Any exercise you can perform with a barbell, you can increase the intensity of by using a pair of dumbbells. You must stabilize each dumbbell which requires the use of your core and all of your surrounding accessory muscles. When choosing dumbbells for your gym, look for rubber hex dumbbells, they don’t rust, roll or scratch your floors and should be part of every gym. Check out the quality hex dumbbells here.


6. Kettlebells

If you can only start with minimal equipment, start with one moderately heavy kettlebell and use it to train your entire body. Next month add a heavier kettlebell and a pair of dumbbells, the following month add your bench and a barbell. You get the idea, build as you grow. Choose your first ‘bell this selection of heavy duty kettlebells here.


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7. Conditioning Equipment and Accessories

You can train your heart and lungs and increase your stamina with a variety of conditioning gear. Start with a jump (speed) rope for cardio and later add battle ropes, resistance bands, a medicine ball and boxing equipment, all are available on our website.



    Your epic home gym will allow you to perform any exercise you do at your big box gym without the hefty monthly fees or having to leave your home. Investing in quality equipment for your gym can reduce the stress and hassle of traveling to and from the gym, helping you balance exercise and life.

    Your home gym investment may prove to be one of the best things you could have done for your health and fitness, get started today!


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