Specialty Barbells

Our specialty barbells are designed for those looking to mix up their workout routine or the elite athlete training for a competition!
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OB-MULTI, Multi-Grip Swiss Barbell

OB-Multi Multi-Grip Swiss Bar The Valor Fitness OB-MULTI Swiss Bar is an essential addition to any home or light-commercial gym to bust through plateaus and change up basic or routine...
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MB-47B, EZ Curl/Tricep Bar

EZ Curl Bar for Building Biceps and Triceps If you are looking for an arm blaster for biceps and triceps, look no further than the Valor Fitness MB-47B EZ Curl...
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MB-47, EZ Curl Bar

Muscle Chiseling EZ Curl Bar If you are looking for an arm blaster for biceps and triceps, look no further than the Valor Fitness MB-47 EZ Curl Bar! This heavy-duty,...
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OB-DL, Deadlift Barbell

The Supreme Deadlift Bar The Valor Fitness OB-DL Deadlift Bar is the perfect addition to your arsenal of strength training tools. This is an ideal barbell for powerlifting heavy weights....
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OB-HEX, Multi-Grip Hex Trap Bar

Super Hex Trap Bar with Multiple Grip Options The Valor Fitness OB-HEX Trap Bar builds massive quads, hamstrings, and traps. This uniquely designed bar keeps the weight centered through your...
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OB-Log, Strongman Log Bar

Log Bar for Strongman Training Strongman effectively practices traditional strength, and power exercises. One of the more recognizable staple pieces of Strongman training equipment is the log, also known as...
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OB-ADJ, Adjustable Trap Bar

Exclusive Trap Bar from Valor Fitness The Valor Fitness OB-ADJ Adjustable Trap Bar has an exclusive, patented design to help users develop muscular shoulders, back, and legs by ensuring correct...
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OB-HXP, Parallel Multi-Grip Hex Trap Bar

Hex Trap Weight Bar for Olympic Weightlifting The Valor Fitness OB-HXP Hex Trap Bar features four rotating handles that allow the user to choose which grip works the best and...
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OB-FW, Farmers Walk Handles

Farmers Walk Handles The Valor Fitness OB-FW, Farmers Walk Handles are used for one of the most demanding expeditions of strength. Typically seen in Strongman competitions and box gym events,...
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OB-AXL, Axle Barbell

Axle Bar for Strongman Training If you're an athlete or coach who loves strength training and the sport of strongman, or a casual lifter seeking to shake up your weightlifting...