BD-11 More Info

The BD-11 features an angled pull-up bar at the top of the unit. This allows users to perform pull-ups in a more natural or narrow grip, or at a wider angle, providing the ability to target the muscles at a different angle and add more versatility to workouts.

The adjustable bar catches make it easy to rack and unrack your barbell for either squats or bench press exercises. These bar catches are easily adjusted by twisting the hook and pulling outward, then putting it in any of the 27 variable positions which range in height from 15” to 67”. The vibrant numbering system allows you to easily identify the different positions and where you may need to adjust the bar catches. The BD-11 also features solid steel safety bars to help you in the event the lift cannot be completed.

With 2 storage pegs on each side of the rear of the unit, users can easily store a number of their weight plates on the BD-11 and solve the issue of plates laying around the floor. Allowing a clean and organized home gym, each storage peg measures 8” in length with a 1” diameter to accommodate both 1” standard plates and 2” Olympic plates – for a more snug and secure fit for the 2” Olympic plates, users can add an EX-10 Olympic Adapter Sleeve that converts 1” standard storage pegs to 2” Olympic storage pegs (sold separately).

For users that need more than just a heavy-duty Power Rack for their home gym, the BD-11 also has bundle options available to add a Cable Crossover Attachment, a Lat Pull Attachment, or both!