Valor Fitness MB-B, Dip Handles for BD-11, BD-20, & BD-41 Power Racks
Valor Fitness MB-B, Dip Handles for BD-11, BD-20, & BD-41 Power Racks
Valor Fitness MB-B, Dip Handles for BD-11, BD-20, & BD-41 Power Racks
Valor Fitness MB-B, Dip Handles for BD-11, BD-20, & BD-41 Power Racks
Valor Fitness MB-B, Dip Handles for BD-11, BD-20, & BD-41 Power Racks


Valor Fitness MB-B, Dip Handles for BD-11, BD-20, & BD-41 Power Racks

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Dip Handles for BD-11, BD-20, and BD-41 Power Racks

Purchase your Dip Handles for BD-11, BD-20 and BD-41 Power Racks today from Valor Fitness!

Features and Benefits

  • SECURE: Steel rod dip handles are welded to a 3-sided face plate for a secure grip on the 2.5" x 2.5" frames on the Valor Fitness BD-11, BD-20, and BD-41 Power Racks.
  • LOCKING MECHANISM: The solid 12-Gauge Steel rod is positioned completely through the main frame uprights, allowing a safe locking mechanism. The correct position of the handles will be placed so the user is on the inside of the unit.
  • HEAVY DUTY: Made from 12-Gauge Steel, the MB-B can safely hold up to 300 lbs. Extends 13" from the power rack, and 9.5" inward. Giving the user 22.5" of room between each handle to exercise. Molded handle secures grip during use.
  • ADDITIONAL: Meant for home gym and light-commercial use. The MB-B accessory is sold as a pair. Please note that all Valor Fitness accessories are designed to fit Valor Fitness products only.


SKU Product Name Shipping Weight (lbs) Box Length (in) Box Width (in) Box Height (in)
MB-B BD-11 Dip Handles 8 22 8 6


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Ask a Question
  • Would this deep bars fit on DB18?

    The BD-18 has 2.375 x 2.375" uprights and the MB-B is meant for 2.5 x 2.5" uprights.

  • would this MB-B dip handle attachment fit he the half rack bd-58?

    Thanks for your question! The MB-B works with the Valor Fitness BD-11, or BD-20 or BD-41 Power Racks.

    However, there are a few Valor Fitness attachments/accessories for the BD-58.

    The RG-14 Plate Storage Attachment is one of them, although this is likely not necessary due to the 6 storage pegs that are already featured on the BD-58.

    The RG-17 Dip Attachment can be added to the BD-58, you may just have to remove one of the Safety Spotter Arms to attach it in the front of the rack, or have it on the inside of the rack.

    The last accessory for the BD-58 is the PTFM-58 Weightlifting Platform that easily fits inside the frame of the rack. The BD-58BPF is the bundle version of this rack that includes the platform. However, the PTFM-58 can currently be purchased separately on its own as well and will function just as it would if it were in the bundle.

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