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BPM, KG Training Bumper Plates

KG Training Bumper Plates Match the intensity of your training with the no-nonsense look of the Valor Fitness BPM Kilogram Bumper Plates, a series of heavy-duty bumper plates that will...
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ZB-Multi, Shaker Bottle with Storage

Shaker Bottle with Storage Take your protein shake on the go with our premium shaker bottle with additional protein storage and 2 types of shakers! Whether you're an athlete or...
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ZB-BTL, 20oz Shaker Bottle

20 oz Shaker Bottle Mix your favorite supplements on the go with the BPA FREE Valor Fitness ZB-BTL Shaker Bottles! Stay hydrated and maintain proper nutrition, regardless of your experience,...
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BF-60, Competition Bench

Heavy-Duty Competition Bench The BF-60 is a super tough weight bench that features adjustable J-hooks and safety bars. The heavy-duty J-hooks have a 13.75" range of adjustment, with a minimum...
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CC-70, Leg Press Hack Squat Combo Machine

Plate-Loaded Leg Press Hack Squat Combo The CC-70, Leg Press Hack Squat Combo is a plate-loaded machine ideal for building powerful legs. The Hack Squat Leg Press Machine is a...
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MG-1, Massage Gun

Percussion Muscle Massage Gun for Athletes Muscle recovery is essential to any form of exercise or weight training. Skip the expensive massage appointment and give this massage gun a try....
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RG-23D, Shackle Attachment

Shackle Attachment for Fitness Rigs Enhance your RIG and hang up your rings, rope and more with this extremely strong, easy to install RG-23 Shackle Attachment. Feel safe and secure...
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JB, Jerk Blocks

Lift From Multiple Heights These jerk blocks are meant to add versatility to your training program by allowing you to put all your focus on your jerk technique and potential....
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PG-2, 2-Piece Climbing Pegboard

Climbing Pegboard for Cross Training Exercises Improve upper body and grip strength with the Valor Fitness PG-2, Climbing Peg Board. It's a gym essential that will add variety to your...
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BD-11BCCL, Power Rack with Lat Pull & Cable Crossover Attachments

Power Rack with Lat Pull and Cable Crossover Attachments Get in shape at home with the Valor Fitness BD-11BCCL squat rack. You'll receive everything you need, from a power rack...
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BD-11BL, Power Rack with Lat Pull Attachment

The Ultimate Power Rack with Lat Pull-Down Bundle The BD-11BL Power Rack with Lat Pull Attachment is a heavy-duty unit that is an essential addition for anybody building the ultimate...
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BD-11BCC, Power Rack with Cable Crossover Attachment

Home Gym Power Rack with Cable Crossover Bundle If you're looking for the ultimate, complete workout in just one space, look no further than the BD-11BCCL Power Rack. With this...